Jan 13, 2015

Babies: 2-Year Old Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Last weekend, we celebrated my oldest son's 2nd birthday at Happy Playland. I've actually never heard of them before until recently. Since we've never been there, I scouted the place out first before reserving it. One look at the place and I knew I picked the right spot for his party.

You can reserve the whole place or just one of the two rooms. The smaller room has this awesome wooden ship in it while the larger one has a jungle gym, small house and soft play area. While I wasn't expecting many kids, I reserved the large room anyway since it had the jungle gym my oldest can play on, and the soft play area my youngest can enjoy. The little house, complete with kitchen and accessories, was a hit with all the kids!

Happy Playland really worked for us this year because at 2 years old, my son doesn't really have friends, yet. His friends are our friends' kids, and they range from babies to the case of my nephew, a tween. And at Happy Playland, they were all able to enjoy the equipment. We also liked the fact it was a free of any activities or games. It allowed us to catch up with our friends, most we haven't seen in a while.

Just like most birthday rental places, we were allowed to arrive 15 minutes early to set up. The rental fee includes set up assistance, table clothes, plastic utensils (which came in handy because I totally forgot to buy some), napkins, clean up assistance. They called a couple days before to confirm how many kids were coming (to configurate tables and room) and what the party colors were (to match table cloth).

I guess it would be nice for me to say we knew all a long he was going to have Thomas the Train birthday party but the truth is, my husband and I didn't decide on that until the week before his party. Luckily, the bakery that made his 1st birthday cake was able to whip up something for me. I emailed them a picture of a cake I liked on Pinterest and they matched it really good! I was very pleased with it.

For supplies, I went to Party City and got a bunch of Thomas the Train plates, napkins, cups, balloons, a banner and a table cover... kept it simple. What's important was the birthday boy had a huge smile throughout his party!

Party supplies from Party City

Pinterest inspired Thomas the Train cake

Taken from Happy Playland's website - jungle gym

Taken from Happy Playland's website - wooden ship

Taken from Happy Playland's website - soft play area and little house

Taken from Happy Playland's website - how the two rooms connect

Happy Playland
9801 Long Point St, Suite 101 (at Bunker Hill)
Houston, TX

Alphorn Bakery
1100 W. Dallas St.
Houston, TX