Dec 18, 2014

Eats: Boston Tea Party in Bristol Clifton

Love this great find! Here's the thing, after being in UK for several days, the boys are still jet lagged. It doesn't help that they're also sick. I actually don't care about adjusting their body clock. The only caveat is trying to find a place that serves breakfast later than 11am. 

Luckily, BTP serves breakfast all day! They have a very extended breakfast menu, everything from full English breakfast to pancakes in maple syrup. The food was done really well. I wish I took pictures of our food but, it was total chaos at our table. Just trust me when I say, it was good! And toddler approved!

The one picture I took doesn't do justice in capturing how quaint this cafe is. They get double thumbs up for being kid friendly - kid menu, high chairs at the upstairs dining room, and a changing table in the restroom!

Boston Tea Party
1 Princess Victoria St
Bristol Clifton

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