Jul 1, 2015

Eats: Kamalan Bakery

I discovered Kamalan Bakery by accident. I picking up a to-go order from FuFu Restaurant and the only parking spot available was at the end of the strip, right in front of their store front. Six Ping was actually my next stop after FuFu. Upon seeing Kamalan, I thought why not check it out.

I'm so glad I did! I've been pretty disappointed with Six Ping's buns lately and the other bakery I frequent is closed for a month. When I walked in, I was happy to see peanut bun and coconut bun on the shelve - two of my favorites. I bought a couple of each to try. I will say, they make the best peanut bun in town and their coconut bun is a near tie to my other favorite bakery.

Opened for a couple of months now, they're located next to
Jungle Patisserie

Buns! This one is curry onion w/ pork sung.

More goodies!

Cakes, coconut jelly, milk pudding to name a few...

More cakes. They have a durian pandan cake that I tried. It was ok - can
definitely taste the durain, but I'm not a fan on the cream they use.


Guess their coconut bun was popular that day - only 1 left.
The one next to it is custard bun.

Close-up of the coconut bun.

What buns are on special

Kamalan Bakery
9889 Bellaire Blvd., Suite E219
Houston, TX

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  1. I come to this place every now and then. The place is really nice, the crowd is full of regulars, and the food and drink specials are pretty good! The staff at venues in Chicago is great and really gets to know your name. Totally worth your time on any night for good food and drink.