Apr 29, 2013

Eats: Goro & Gun

Goro & Gun opened for business back in mid March of this year. Before they were a restaurant, one of it's co-owners had a food truck, The Modular, that became one of my favorite food trucks in Houston. I finally got to try G&G for the first time last Friday night.

Hubby and I hit downtown, with no baby in tow. And good thing he wasn't with us. By the time we got to G&G, it was about 8pm and the only seating available for 2 was either at the bar or small table on the patio. We opted for the bar.


Brussel Sprouts

Shishito Peppers

Miso Ramen

Brussel sprouts and shishito peppers were good, perfect as an appetizer and beer snack.

I had mixed feelings about the ramen. Initially, I thought the broth was rather bland. It wasn't until the last couple of slurps did I think, ok I guess it's not so bad. My brother, who had the same ramen, a couple hours before, thought it was on the salty side. He asked if I mixed the everything together. Ok, no I didn't. Since hubby and I were sharing it, I just grabbed my portion and gave him the rest of the bowl. I wasn't crazy about the ramen texture, either. Personally, I like my noodles to be softer whereas G&G's was on the doughy side. 

Overall, I'm not crazy about their ramen but, I did like everything else I tasted. We'll definitely be back to try other things on the menu.

Are they baby friendly? Since Conor wasn't with us, I can't say if they have a high chair or not. They do have booths along the wall where you can sit the car seat on but, on a busy night there might be a wait for them. Even though their setup more like a bar than a restaurant, the noise level was very bearable.

Goro & Gun
306 Main St.
Houston, TX

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  1. I sort of enjoyed my dinner there. Just sort of.