Jan 21, 2014

Eats: The Breakfast Klub

By now, most everyone knows The Breakfast Klub is a very popular place for weekend brunch. If you don't get there early enough (like 8am!), be prepared to wait in line. And that line can get very long!

One of the perks of being a stay-at-home mom is I get to come here on weekdays when it's not as packed. Sure enough, with my baby in tow, I got here around 9:30 one weekday morning and there was not a line in sight. Yes!

Once you place your order at the counter, the food comes out fast. That's also the case on weekends when they're packed.

The Breakfast Klub is popular for it's wings & waffles and catfish & grits dishes. Personally, my go-to dish is their wings & french toast. I love their french toast!! Made with Texas toast, I think it's 10x better than their waffles. They're fluffy in the middle, yet crispy around the edges. I've had their catfish & grits in the past. While their catfish was fried to perfection, I wasn't a fan of their grits - it was very bland.

This visit, since my baby was with me, I ordered the french toast with sausage patties and scrambled eggs, so he can share my food. As you can see in the picture below, their scrambled eggs were quite fluffy - the baby appreciated that. And the sausage patties they served were plain ol' greasy sausage, perfect for the baby as he hasn't quite developed liking for fancy spicy sausage just yet.

Good breakfast platter for a toddler

What's normally my go-to dish (this is an old stock picture I dug up for this post) 

The Breakfast Klub
3711 Travis (at Alabama)
Houston, TX

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