Jan 3, 2014

Eats and More: Breakfast at Heights General Store

I was driving along 19th St and saw that they are now open. Apparently they've been open for over a month now. With baby in tow, I decided to check out their breakfast. I apologize in advance if some of the pictures are blurry - I blame it on the wriggly baby.


Health & beauty section

Grocery aisle

Counter service

Breakfast menu

Dining area

Pancake sandwich

Breakfast is counter service. As you can see, I ordered the pancake sandwich partly because I was curious what it was going to be like. Presentation looks good unfortunately, the whole sandwich was just mediocre at best. The pancakes were very dense, almost biscuit like consistency. Scrambled eggs was blah. Their homemade sausage was decent - not too greasy. Overall, the sandwich was very dry and not a lot of flavor to it.

I also ordered a quiche (not pictured) to go. That day, their quiche was a broccoli and squash. The chunks of veggies inside the quiche were huge and the quiche itself was dense and dry. That's two for two - I'm not impressed with their food.

While I was waiting for my food, I had a quick scan of the grocery aisle. They carry quite a variety of stuff, brands that I typically see at Central Market and Whole Foods, and some I'm never even seen before. In addition, they also stock laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc. Even though the brands are not necessarily "local", they carry more inventory than most general stores that's popped up around Houston in recent years, and most are either organic, gluten free or natural... definitely following today's trend and very appropriate for the area.

Unfortunately, the selection of baby food is disappointing. I don't know if they'll add more later but, for now it's only Gerber brand - no organic brands. Ironically, the selection of dog food is better - they actually carry Organix canned food.

Heights General Store
350 W. 19th St.
Houston, TX

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