Mar 14, 2014

Eats: Tasty Tuesday's Food Truck Meetup

The Galleria area is finally getting it's share of food truck love! Every second Tuesday of the month, several food trucks gather around Apache/Stewart Title's office complex from 11am-2pm. This month, approximately a dozen food trucks participated.

Honestly, there are so many food trucks popping around Houston now, I can't keep track anymore. I've never heard of Skratch before. Passing by, a sign that said "lobster roll" caught my attention. I couldn't help but to get one. Their lobster roll was pretty good for Houston standards and I like that it wasn't doused in mayo. 
Lobster Roll
Live Maine Lobster, Chives, Dill, Celery, Mayo

Golden Grill
I've actually heard of them before but, I don't always crave grilled cheese sandwich (their specialty) so I don't usually seek them out. That day, a grilled cheese sandwich sounded good. I ordered the Hamlin which had prosciutto and jalapeno jam. The jam was definitely the highlight of the sandwich! Without it, it was just an average grilled cheese sandwich.
The Hamlin
Prosciutto, american cheese, jalapeno jam

I've been wanting to try them for some time now. I debated whether to get a savory or sweet waffle. In the end, sweet waffle won me over. I got the smores and it was really good! The only drawback was the wait time - think I waited close to half an hour for my waffle.
Chocolate ganache, graham cracker crumble, toasted marshmallow

Muiishi Makirritos
This is one of my favorite food trucks in Houston. It's the only one that I've tasted so far that puts out restaurant quality food out of a truck. My favorite things to order from them are the shwimps 'n grits, bacon jammin' biscuits, and anything with pork belly whether it's the rice bowl or sushi roll.
Shwimp 'n Grits
Spicy stone ground grits, 62° egg, tempura shrimp, sous vide pork,
fried shitake mushrooms

Pork Belly Don Juan
Sous vide pork belly, 62° egg, fried shittake and oyster mushrooms,
pickled cucumber, takuan and kim chi.

Mac 'n Cheese Eggroll
Redneck cheddar, marieke smoked gouda, ground beef, applewood bacon.

Tasty Tuesday
1990 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX


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