Jun 14, 2013

Baby Stuff: Baby Monitors and Apps

We debated extensively on which baby monitor to get. Originally, we registered for the Motorola Video Monitor. In the end, we got the Angelcare Deluxe Plus per recommendation from my sister-in-law. SIDs is every parent's nightmare. This monitor provides new parents peace of mind since it has sensor pads that detects baby's movements. If there's no movement for more than 20 seconds, an alarm would sound off. Sure it would be nice to see your baby on a video monitor but at the end of the day, you need to sleep when the baby sleeps, not watch your baby on the monitor.

I also appreciate the monitor's room temperature sensor feature. It let's you know the baby's room temperature and will alert you if it's too cold or too hot.

Now, this monitor is not perfect. It's annoying every time you remove the baby from the bassinet, the sensor pads interprets it as an alert, and if you turn the nursery unit off (because that's what you do when it beeps, d'uh!) then the parent's unit will start to beep (d'oh!). All this is extremely annoying at 4am! What worked for us is press "hold" on the parent's unit first, then turn the parent's unit off before picking up the baby. But when you're a sleep deprived new parent, you don't always remember all these steps.

As annoying as that last bit is, I'm still happy with our purchase. Having said that, now that the baby is over 5 months old and sleeping in his crib, we don't really use this monitor anymore. Instead, I purchased an app called Best Baby Monitor. Basically, if you have two iOS devices you can connect them over the same wireless network or bluetooth, one acts as the nursery unit while the other as a parent's unit. Not a bad app for a $3.99! Plus, it's easy to take traveling since we always have our iPhone and iPad with us when we do.

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