Jun 2, 2013

Eats: Comfort Food

I caught a stomach bug while I was in France. Unbelievable since I usually have a stomach of steel. Seriously! I am the queen of street foods, I even ate bugs in Thailand and Vietnam and I was fine.

The problem with being sick in a remote French village is I don't have access to my comfort foods. So when I landed in Houston, I made a mad dash to Soma for some ramen. A couple days later I went to Kata Robata for more ramen... and then Nippon. Yes, ramen is definitely one of my comfort foods when I'm sick, along with Chinese rice soup (congee). What is yours?

Kata Robata's shoyu ramen

Soma's spicy miso ramen

Nippon's miso ramen

How do they compare?

Kata's ramen was a bit salty for me. It flavored the noodles well but, I wasn't able to really drink the soup.

In the past, Soma's ramen tend to be heavy on the salt as well. But since hosting Ramen in Common tasting events recently, I say the salt is a lot more balanced now. The only thing I didn't like about the ramen was the big chunks of pork belly. It's definitely a personal preference but I like the meats in my noodle soup to be thinner.

I've always had a soft spot for Nippon's miso ramen, perhaps because they have been serving ramen longer than the other two establishments. As you can see, it's less fancy than the other two but it tastes more comforting, sort of like a bowl I'd get at someone's grandmother's house.

Side note, the Nippon one was a take-out order. I had a sleeping baby that I didn't want to wake up :-P

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