May 31, 2013

New York Eats with Baby

Smörgås Chef West Village

Scandinavian food is one cuisine we can't get in Houston. We visited Smorgas back in 2010 and we really enjoyed their food so I couldn't wait to go back to get my Scandinavian fix. Two and a half years later, they didn't disappoint it was just as good as the first time! 

Because I wanted everything on the menu, we opted to share several of their appetizers. Here's what we had:
Top (L to R): Swedish meatballs and lingonberries, herring quartet, 
gravlaks croquettes, rich pudding,  lingonberry torte, English pea soup, 
house cured gravlaks
The restaurant has tight seatings. They stored the baby's stroller in the back for us and we squeezed his carseat in next to us. His carseat comes in handy, acts as a booster seat for him since he can't sit up yet.

283 W. 12th St.
New York, NY


This place was a couple blocks away from our apartment. The food was good! Diner like ambiance, inside is quite spacious and they're family friendly! Because of our table's location, we parked the baby's stroller near the entrance and had his carseat sit on a regular chair. But, we saw other families parked their strollers right at the table. 
Blintz w/ strawberry compote
Kale egg benedict on potato pancake

144 2nd Ave.
New York, NY

Russ & Daughters

This shop is known for its smoked salmon. In addition to the wide variety of lox, they also carry different types of cream cheese, herring, caviar, etc. You can buy items here by the pound or order a bagel lox sandwich. If you order a sandwich just know that this place is only a shop, there's no place to sit other than the bench just outside the shop but it's facing Houston St. - not exactly quaint.

The benefit of staying in an apartment nearby is I got to buy things here in bulk and have it for breakfast over the next few mornings :-)
Gaspe Nova smoked salmon and caviar cream cheese over an everything bagel

179 E. Houston St.
New York, NY


I have been wanting to eat here for years now. The ramen did not disappoint nor did the appetizers. Everything we had was delicious! However, the ambiance is not what I expected. It's more club like than quaint. It was rather loud as well! To add to the noise, the staff yells in Japanese to greet every customer that walks in. So if you have a sleeping baby, it's probably not a good idea to take them here. A crying baby however, will probably go unnoticed.

Unless you go right when they open, expect the wait to be long. By the time we got there just a little after 6pm, it was already over an hour's wait!
Akamaru ramen

65 4th Ave.
New York, NY


I wish I wasn't so stuffed from brunch when I went here. I really wanted to try their nutella & banana croissant sandwich but instead I settled for a mini almond croissant. I'll be back!

68 Ave. A 
New York, NY

The Grey Dog's Coffee

I found this cafe on Yelp. I was looking for a brunch place near Washington Square Park. When we went, it was on a weekday and they were packed! It's a decent sized cafe, just really tight seatings. We thought it was going to be hard to find a table but, they truly have it figured out. While we waited in line to order, they held a table for us. They also stored the baby's stroller in the back so we could squeeze his carseat next to us.

They're packed for a reason - the food and coffee were good plus, they're just a stone throw away from NYU. We saw a sign saying no studying or table hogging during busy hours.

90 University Pl.
New York, NY

Ciao For Now

Another great cafe I found on Yelp. Great brunch spot near our apartment. Their almond brioch French toast is yummy! Decent sized cafe and since we came during an off time, we were able to keep the baby in his stroller next to us.
Photo credit: Chris Solway

523 E. 12 St.
New York, NY

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