May 8, 2013

Baby Stuff: Beco Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier
After hours of reading reviews online, I finally settled for the Beco Gemini as my baby carrier. Bjorn is probably the most popular brand out there but, many reviewers complained about back and shoulder pain especially as baby gets heavier. I already have a bad back so, this wasn't going to work for me. A lot of people liked Ergo for comfort but, it doesn't have the option for baby to face forward. Beco seems to be the compromise of the two. Like the Ergo, it has a supportive waist band that helps distribute baby's weight yet, it allows baby to face forward once they're able to support their head. Here is my experience with it so far:
- Comfortable. Granted the bub is only 16 lbs at the moment but so far, no back or shoulder pains.
- No additional infant insert needed.
- The ability to carry baby four different ways, so far I've only used two.
- No pockets to carry small items like keys and cell phone.

Beco baby carrier in action

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