May 22, 2013

New York with Baby, Part Two

Since we travel quite a bit, I've turned into a last minute packer. But, this was going to be our first trip with a baby and I realize I can't pack last minute anymore. I had to really think about what he needed, what would entertain him, etc. I also didn't want to pack our whole house! So, I started our packing process a couple days before.

In the past, I had my own backpack as did my husband and we'd each bring our own laptops, along with other travel comforts. This trip, we slimmed down considerably. Instead of laptops, we brought our iPads and we shared his diaper backpack.

I got this Okkatots Travel Backpack as a gift from a dear friend. It's one that I registered for. I can't tell you how much I love this backpack. It's very well designed with lots of pockets to keep baby's stuff organized and it's big enough to fit his stuff and ours. It's also very lightweight! I don't use it as my day-to-day diaper bag, only for traveling.

Since we bought our Uppababy stroller with lots of traveling in mind, I was very pleased it worked out well in NYC. The stroller has a big basket underneath, it was perfect to store the backpack and other knick knacks.

During our stay, we chose to carry the bub mostly in his carseat/stroller instead of the baby carrier. I'm sure he would've preferred seeing the city in his baby carrier however, because of his age he wasn't able to sit up just yet. Thus the reason for the carseat, it was mainly for dining out so he could have a place to sit while we eat.

Before we left, we bought a travel bag for the stroller. With the travel bag, Uppababy guarantees any damage caused to the stroller during air travel will be fully covered by them. We chose to travel cabin light so we checked-in the stroller as baggage and only gate checked the carseat. We were very pleased the stroller survived both plane journey just fine.

Car seat cover
Two weeks before our trip, it was still snowing in NYC!! Spring was nowhere in sight and I knew Manhattan gets really windy so a regular blanket won't cut it. I quickly went on to look for a car seat cover and I found Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Sneak-a-Peek Infant Carseat Cover Deluxe. This cover was perfect!

Carseat cover in action on this chilly evening.

So happy the outer shell is water repellent. All I had to do
was close the flap and it kept baby warm and dry.

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