May 17, 2013

Anniversary Dinner at Oxheart

We never truly celebrated our anniversary last year. I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy and I suffered some pretty bad morning sickness. I was determine to make up for it this year. Oxheart did not disappoint!

You need advance planning to dine here. They only accept reservations, at times they're booked a month in advance. For our May 10th dinner, I made our reservation in April through their online reservation system. Since their restaurant is very small, they do ask for a credit card number to hold the reservation.

Menu is tasting menu only. They offer two different four-course tastings for $49 and a seven-course for $79. We splurged went for the seven-course!

Complimentary sparkling wine to celebrate our anniversary

Raw brassicas leaves and pickled stems, goats whey, chrysanthemum, and herb oils

Heirloom carrots cooked with exotic spices and coconut, avocado, corianders 

Homemade biscuits and herb lard

Gulf warsaw grouper roasted over pecan wood, spring onion escabeche, three egg sauce, caviar

Tartare of smoked beef leg, kombu aspic, lime, cucumber, african blue basil, rau ram

Cauliflower cooked two ways, with raisins, currants, brown butter, and mustards

Rabbit, poached saddle with green garlic ash, and braised legs with sour cream and hakurei turnips

Fennel mousse with white sesame nougatine and orange

1302 Nance St.
Houston, TX

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