Oct 24, 2013

Travel with Baby: Dubai

We went to Dubai for a couple of nights because my husband had a business meeting there. It was a quick stop before we continued on to Oman for our mini Eid holiday. 

Gulf Air

From Bahrain, we flew to Dubai on Gulf Air. I was a bit weary at first since I've never heard of the airline before but, I soon found out it's the national airline of Bahrain and it flies not only regionally but, to Europe and the UK as well. And because of that, it's not a budget airline that nickle and dime its passengers for baggage weight. One look at their website, turns out they offer Sky Nanny services on their long haul flights similar to Etihad Airways. Can I say, yay, for Middle East airlines?!

Since it was only an hour flight, we bought the baby an infant ticket. We brought his car seat along for our Oman trip but since we didn't need it for the flight, we checked it in as baggage. The airport in Bahrain plastic wrapped it for us for BD 2. 

On-demand entertainment system on board despite being
an hour's flight. The Hollywood movie section wasn't
available though.

Note: if you're pregnant and showing, it's probably best to get a doctor's letter... just in case. I wasn't asked to provide anything in Bahrain but, on our way back from Oman, the gate agent wouldn't let me board without a doctor's note. So, we had to wait until they called a doctor to clear me for flying.

Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai

We stayed here because it was right next to my husband's office. However, after being spoiled staying at Fraser Suites Bahrain, the room here is tiny! That's the downside about French hotel chains -- apparently they don't make the rooms any bigger even if it's in the Middle East. I was glad we only stayed here for two nights because I was getting a bit claustrophobic.

Due to it's location, the hotel is definitely catered towards business people. There are no kids playroom or pool in this hotel.

Tiny room

Tiny bed

Tiny closet

Tiny bathroom

European style bathtub

At least it had a decent coffee maker!

Ground Transportation

We took a taxi everywhere we went. Unfortunately, since we were in the process of moving and I didn't really know what our travel itinerary was going to be, I didn't have time to plan or research anything like, how to safely transport our baby around Dubai. We brought his convertible car seat with us so, he had that on the taxi ride to the hotel. But, getting around Dubai... I haven't figured out what to do with his bulky car seat while we wandered around. As spacious as his stroller basket is, it won't fit the car seat. So yes, we resorted to the old fashioned unsafe way of holding the baby on our lap. One of things on my to do list is to research a travel friendly car seats... stat!

Dubai taxis can be rather crazy. I definitely prefer the taxi company the hotel uses. I think it's called Al Salam. They're a bit pricier (not by much) but so worth it. They all drive in brand new Lexus sedans and the drivers are more helpful than your average taxi drivers. 

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