Oct 24, 2013

Travel with Baby: Emirates

From Dubai, we flew to Oman on Emirates. Since the baby had an infant ticket, they gave us bulkhead seats which we found out about the night before our flight. However, since it was only an hour's flight time, there was really no need for a bassinet.

Upon boarding, they gave us a bunch of baby knick knacks -- baby food, a plush toy, and a baby care pack that had wipes, lotion, bib, spoon, toy, etc. All this for an hour's flight... I'm impressed!

The plane also had an on demand entertainment system that I didn't get to check out because sleep was calling my name!

Note: if you're pregnant and showing, it's probably best to get a doctor's letter... just in case. They will ask how far along you are and if you're over 29 weeks, they do want a doctor's letter. I'm only mentioning this because I was asked twice - once at the boarding gate and the other by a flight attendant.

Baby knick knacks

Another great thing by Emirates and Dubai airport!
Strollers are available throughout the airport for arrival
and transit passengers.

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