Apr 7, 2014

Eats: Chuan's

The first time I ate at Chuan's was on Chinese New Year. I kinda stumbled upon it because I didn't feel like fighting Chinatown traffic that night. It sounded interesting so I decided to try it out with my family. We really liked the food and I would've blogged about it earlier but, I was with my family and before I could take any pictures, all the food was gone! Yup, my family don't mess around.

When we paid, they gave us a coupon for future visit. Since then, my life has been a little hectic. I totally forgot I had this coupon until my mom reminded me.

I like this place compared to Mala Sichuan because they're not as oily and salty. It's also an added bonus they're closer to me than going to Chinatown.

Twice Cooked Pork w/ Szechuan Guokui
As you can see, they serve this dish with buns. Similar concept to Peking duck, you stuff the pork in between the buns. The buns itself is rather bland but, it's useful to soak up grease from the pork belly. My British husband joked it was basically a bacon butty, Szechuan style. Yes, I suppose it is!

Chongqing Spicy Chicken
I'm not a big fan of this but my brother was. He dubbed it the perfect beer snack.

Stir-fry Snow Pea Leaf
I like their's because it's not as oily compared to other Chinese restaurants around town.

Steamed Tilapia
Not exactly Szechuan style dish but my son loves it so this was his dish. Yes, he can almost finish a whole fish to himself.

5901 Westheimer Rd (at Fountainview)
Houston, TX

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