Aug 9, 2013

Eats: Eatsie Boys Cafe

If I were to blog every time I go to Eatsie Boys, I'd have several entries by now. They are one of my favorite cafes in Houston. We usually go for Sunday brunch but, sometimes we do lunch here as well. My favorite breakfast item is their Eggman Sammy. The combination of fluffy challah bun, gooey egg yolk and Grateful Bread's bacon is just delicious!

For lunch, I usually get one of their salads but, last time I got their MBLT sandwich. It was really good! I dipped the sandwich in Grateful Bread's sriracha sauce - great combination!

What I love about them is they serve quality stuff. Most ingredients are either locally-sourced or they make it themselves, like their ice cream.

They serve menu items Monday through Saturday. Sunday, they only serve brunch from their "Trust Us" board. Keep in mind, to keep things fresh they only stock limited inventory and sometimes they stop serving an hour before closing just because they're sold out.

Seating inside is limited but they do have several picnic benches outside. We've taken Max there several times when the weather was nice. It's his favorite cafe!

MBLT - Mozarella, bacon, arugula and tomato

Mmmontrose Cafe
4100 Montrose
Houston, TX

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