Aug 23, 2013

London Eats

Bugis Street Brasserie

We ate here the first night we arrived in London. It was getting late, this restaurant was located right next to our hotel. As a matter of fact, it's actually part of the hotel -- we were able to charge the bill to our room.

The food was pretty good. My char kway teow was pretty spot on, even had Chinese sausage mixed in it. Kangkung belacan was good a well, However, my husband's mee goreng was very disappointing! He ended up sharing my char kway teow and not really touching his.

Baby tips:

  • Heads up if you have a stroller, upon entering the restaurant, there are a couple of steps down to get to the main dining floor.
  • They have high chairs.

Mee goreng

Penang char kway teoy

Kangkung belacan

4-18 Harrington Gardens

Four Seasons

We actually wanted to try Royal China, another Chinese restaurant located just down the road from Four Seasons, but they lost power and showed no signs of getting it back anytime soon. We've been to Four Seasons before and knew it was good, so we decided to go back.

The service here is not the greatest. I can only describe it as... very Chinese! The food this time was not as good as I remembered it. They're famous for their roast duck, so of course, we had to order that. While it was good, it was a bit too saucy and not roasted enough. We also ordered snow pea leaves. I was a bit surprised they had it this time of year as it's typically a winter vegetable. Sure enough, it was very tough! The only decent dish of the night was the crab sweet corn soup.

Baby tips:

  • They do not have high chairs.
  • The restaurant is really tight, there's not much space to store a stroller, but we managed to squeeze it between the chairs right at the entrance.

Top (L to R): crab sweet corn soup, roast duck, chili condiment,
snow pea leaves

84 Queensway

Malaysia Kopi Tiam

We were meeting up an old friend in this part of town, so we decided to give this place a try. The Malaysian food here was just ok. It all looked and smelled so good when it came out, but the flavors lacked. The only good dish was the roti canai, but it's actually not from Kopi Tiam's kitchen. It's from a different business that shares same space as Kopi Tiam. They even have a separate menu. As pictured below, we were greeted by a friendly insect during our meal.

Baby tips:
  • They do not have high chairs.
  • The restaurant is pretty tight, but they weren't that busy, so we got to leave the baby in his stroller next to us.

Es kacang

Chicken curry roti canai from Roti King

Top (L to R): kangkung belacan, nasi lemak, asam laksa, char kway teow

Well, hello there!
67 Charing Cross Road

Couscous Darna

This restaurant got pretty good reviews on Yelp. It was near our hotel, so we decided to check it out one night. When we got there, it was pretty crowded on the patio, but there were plenty of tables available inside. It's probably best to make reservations, but with a jetlagged baby we couldn't plan anything ahead.

I don't have much experience with Moroccan cuisine, but I thought the food was really good! I also ordered a Moroccan mint tea and I really liked their version -- it wasn't too sweet.

Baby tips:

  • The main dining room is quite spacious and enough distance between the tables that we were able to keep baby's stroller next to us. I don't even know if they have a high chair since we didn't request one.   

Chicken B'stilla (large) -- delicious!

Couscous Vegetarian w/ mint tea

Couscous Darna

Tagine Kefta

Couscous Merguez

91 Old Brompton Road

Royal China

Our last night in London, we finally checked out Royal China, the restaurant we originally wanted to try a few nights before, but couldn't since they lost power. Compared to Four Seasons, the service is night and day -- they're a lot more professional here.

The food was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was their crispy aromatic duck. Since it was fried, it was really dry! I should've ordered their Peking duck instead. I did, however, like the pancake served with the duck -- it was very airy! Everything else was delicious! Added bonus: they have fresh squeezed juice!

Baby tips:

  • They do have high chairs
  • We parked our stroller in the lobby, along with everyone else's.

Top (L to R): snacks, crispy aromatic duck, sauteed asparagus,
sauteed beef w/ chili & black bean sauce

13 Queensway

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