Aug 4, 2013

James Turrell in Houston

Last Thursday, with my friend, Jenny, I finally checked out the James Turrell's light exhibition at MFAH. Before we went, we made advance reservations on MFAH's website for the 5pm viewing slot. Since we went on a Thursday, both general admission and reservations for the exhibition were free. Going at 5pm wasn't bad at all - parking was plenty and the crowd was almost non existent. I don't know what was going on when we left around 6:30pm but, I had 5 cars stalking me for my parking spot.

This exhibition is at MFAH is going on until September 22, 2013.

Photography is not allowed but, we couldn't help ourselves in one of
the seven rooms included in the exhibition

Keeping up with the James Turrell theme, after a quick bite at Benjy's, we went to Rice University to catch the light sequence at his Skyspace. We also made reservations for this but, upon arriving we realize we didn't really need it. Apparently the light sequence happens twice a day - sunrise and sunset. Obviously, we caught the sunset one.

The Skyspace has two viewing levels. We sat at the bottom which offered a much better viewing perspective than the top. But being summer time in Houston, the top viewing level did have a lot more breeze.

James Turrell's Skyspace during "Twilight Epiphany" light sequence

Before the start of the light sequence

During the light sequence. Notice how the sky is darker in the middle
part than the outer. You don't get that perspective sitting on the
top viewing level.

Both events are baby friendly but, I decided to leave baby home this time for a little "me" time.

James Turrell: The Light Inside

James Turrell: Twilight Epiphany
Skyspace at Rice University

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