Dec 17, 2013

Babies: Fisher Price Booster/High Chair

As a mom who loves to eat out, this is possibly one of the best gears I bought for my baby. You know those babies you see climbing out of their high chair in restaurants?! Yes, that's my baby! Ever since he's mastered crawling and climbing, I can't keep him in those restaurant high chairs anymore. I know they come with straps but, that thing is a joke. This Fisher Price chair, however, is a lifesaver. Sure, it's bulky and it's one more thing to carry to a restaurant but, it's the one chair that keeps my baby in.

Another great thing is it attaches to a regular chair so, we always have a high chair everywhere we go whether it's to grandma's house or a pub with no high chair (ahem, Hay Merchant!).

I've also found that despite my baby being in the normal height range for his age, those restaurant high chairs were always low for him, the top of the table hits right in between his forehead so it's always hard for him to see and grab his food. Whereas if I bring this FP chair, I can adjust the height to where it's more comfortable for him or just use the chair's tray.

All-in-all, I've been very happy with this chair and I highly recommend it!

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