Dec 25, 2013

Eats: Ramen at Sushi Wabi

'Tis the weather for ramen in Houston. After seeing a couple of pictures posted by other Ramen in Common members, I decided to check out Sushi Wabi's ramen myself. This was the first time I visited Sushi Wabi. At first glance, I found their menu is a little confusing. I looked under "Noodle" section but, didn't see any ramen listed. I know they have it since I've seen pictures of it on Facebook. I asked our waiter and he said they do have it while pointing to a picture on the menu. It's the same with their seaweed salad, the picture is on the menu even though it's not listed under "Appetizers". Back to the ramen - they only carry one ramen and that's tonkotsu. Typically not my first choice but, it's all they had.

How was it? It was surprisingly well prepared! I say "surprisingly" because this place is a sushi joint after all - a casual one, too. And considering their sushi (not pictured) was just very mediocre (my husband's words), their ramen blew my mind! The broth was creamy, not too greasy, flavorful with just the right amount of salt from start to finish. The egg texture was perfect! Pork belly still had it's skin on which made it a little chewier but, fatty enough it was still soft. I also thought it was the right amount of thickness. The dish came with 4 pork belly slices which I thought was just right. I also liked there was corn in the ramen although, I felt it could've use more corn.

I will definitely be back for the ramen, and having the option of ordering a few sushi on the side (even if it's mediocre) is an added bonus!

Sushi Wabi
3953 Richmond Ave (at Weslayan)
Houston, TX

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