Dec 7, 2013

Eats: Thanksgiving Lunch at Haven

It's my friend, Patty's, tradition to eat out with friends on Thanksgiving day. This year, since I was husbandless and my family event didn't start until dinner, I thought I'd crash in and join them for lunch. The group had already chosen Haven as their restaurant of choice. One glance at the menu, I was sold!

Amuse bouche of deviled eggs and pimento cheese celery

Our meal started off with a family style amuse bouche of deviled eggs, pimento cheese celery, olives and pickled beets. Everyone at the table agreed the deviled eggs was rather lacking and the celery was surprisingly better.

Seafood gumbo

For my starter, I had a hard time choosing between the butternut squash soup and the seafood gumbo. As you can see, I ended up choosing the gumbo and I'm glad I did because it was pretty darn good! It's full of flavor and even though it's on the darker side, it wasn't bitter. And the consistency is just the way I like my gumbo.

Turkey w/ gravy, cranberry, cornbread pudding, broccoli rice and sweet potato

For my entree, it was a no brainer. I'm here on Turkey day, I must have my turkey and it's trimmings. I couldn't be more pleased with the way they prepared this entree - they stuck to tradition and kept it original. I only wish they had green beans instead of broccoli rice but, that's just a personal preference. I ended up taking most of this home and it made for nice leftover the next day :-)

Meyer lemon pie w/ toasted meringue, graham cracker-peanut crust

My dessert was the major disappointment of the whole meal. I ordered the meyer lemon pie hoping for a refreshing dessert. Unfortunately, Haven's version was overly sweet, I could barely taste the lemon in it, and the consistency was more cake like than pie. Just not what I expected, at all!

Overall, we had a very enjoyable meal. Service was good and the food came out in good timing - we never felt rushed nor did we wait forever in between meals. For $55/person, it was a very worthwhile holiday meal. Speaking of service, our server was kind enough to split the check for us which is very rare these days.

The only downside to Haven is their limited parking situation but, for that they do offer free valet service.

2502 Algerian Way
Houston, TX

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